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Parent Testimonial

"“ My daughter is making huge progress since getting her glasses, her behaviour has been excellent, the headaches have gone completely and now she is so much more organised and is reading a lot more, she never seems to forget or misplace her glasses as of before, they would always be hidden or left behind somewhere. Her spectacles have benefited her greatly.”...”

“Since she got the glasses she does not complain of headaches and can see the board – and she is happy to wear them all the time..”

Teacher of Schoolvision Client

“5 Star Service I love my new designer frames”
“Put me at ease the minute I walked through the door.”
“Richard and his team are always polite and will put a smile on your face”

Teacher Testimonial for one of our Schoolvision patients

“ I am a class teacher for one of Richard Hughes’s schoolvision patient’s, I definitely think that the spectacles have had a good effect on my students eyesight, before she had used them she used to complain a lot of headaches or being unable to see the information on the board clearly.”
Teacher of Schoolvision Patient
“Great Service from start to finish I couldn't recommend Richard & his team enough!”
Karen - Patient

Parent Testimonial

"My 10 year old son had various different behavioural problems at home and at school for no unknown reasons, the teacher recommended he have an eye examination. I decided to do a bit of research online and came across an article written in our local newspaper about Richard Hughes Opticians and Schoolvision. We arranged an appointment immediately to see Richard, after the eye exam Richard explained that our son was suffering from severe visual stress and light sensitivity and that he truly believed that this was triggering off his behavioural and learning difficulties, my sons problems were causing so much distress in the household at this stage we would have tried anything, I took everything onboard that Mr. Hughes said, he recommended my son to be dispensed with a pair of prism spectacles along with a precision tint to suit his needs, we were asked to try the spectacles out and return for a 8 week review.