Eye Examination

At Richard Hughes Opticians we place the emphasis on your eyecare. Often vision problems do not have any obvious signs or symptoms and so preventative routine eye examinations are very important.

This comprehensive eye exam includes finding and analysing your prescription, evaluating the health of the front and back surfaces of your eye and retinal imaging. We treat every patient individually and so the Optometrist will tailor their routine to best suit your needs.

Each eye exam with screen for common ocular conditions such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. We also screen for any systemic associations commonly linked with the eyes such as diabetes, high blood pressure and others.

Additional tests which we perform include peripheral vision analysis, intraocular pressure measurement, binocular vision testing (how well the eyes work together)

OCT is available as an additional update and is strongly advisable.

How often should we have our eyes tested?

Age 16 or below: Every year

Age 16 to 69: Every 2 years

Age 70 and over: Every year

Diabetic patient: Every year

Glaucoma patient: Every year

Age 40 or over with first degree relative glaucoma: Every year

The above are guidelines however your optometrist will advise you at the time of your eyetest if your eye examination is required more frequently.

Contact us in store if you have any questions regarding the eye examination or recall frequency and our optometrists will be glad to help.

Download Information About Eye Protection from UV and Blue Light