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Schoolvision Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study

Practice Case Study 10-year-old boy

This patient seems to be suffering from a spasm of accommodation. If the muscle imbalance (slip) is in the dominant eye at near as it is with Jack it will affect visual development as we learn to see at near. As this is Jacks dominant eye it will also cause him to lose his position in space (i.e. any moving target he will think it is in a different position than it actually is and this will lead to much confusion in the brain hence it will be very difficult to play sport, to learn to read as these tasks depend on a stable eye dominance and normal visual development.
If a patient presents with all testing within a normal range, but continues to struggle in school, you must consider ocular motor dysfunction (OMD) as a possible culprit. If a system has difficulty with saccades, it may also have deficient pursuits and fixations. Imagine how difficult reading would be if you could hardly find the right spot on the page, follow along the line and the find the beginning of the next line. Patients who suffer from saccadic or pursuit dysfunctions will have general complaints, which can be overlooked or explained by being a poor student. Poor reading comprehension, skipping lines or omitting words, loss of place and excessive head movements are common signs. These patients will also have difficulty copying from a blackboard, with maths work with columns, a short attention span, slow reading and poor sports performance.
This could also be the cause of bumping into things at an early age as he was learning to walk and lead to dyspraxic tendendencies and coordination problems. Basically what we have is a damaged accommodation convergence system, what we are trying to do is mend the damage first (let the brain see correct first) we will remeasure this after 8 weeks of spectacle wear and adjust prescription as things begin to settle down

We performed a full eye examination and schoolvision assessment and prescribed spectacles with tint and prism.

After two weeks of wearing the spectacles the instant improvement in all aspects were life changing, I asked this young boys mother to give us a synopsis of the child’s improvements over the last few weeks, her comments were as follows:

•    “There was a huge improvement in his attitude and form”
•    “He not agitated or grumpy”
•    “He has mellowed out completely”
•    “He’s coping a lot better in every day life”
•    “Writing more neatly”
•    “Reading is excellent since”

This young boy’s occupational therapist also commented on the huge improvement.

Case Study

Practice Case Study 14 year old girl

History & Symptoms:

•    Watery eyes
•    Cant see board at school
•    Attends Special school
•    ADHD
•    ODD
•    Mild Aspergers
•    Headaches frequently


•    Not reading
•    Very unorganised
•    Struggles with spelling

Eye Exam technique:

Full eye examination and schoolvision assessment


Prescribed spectacles with prism and tint for both accommodative and convergence insufficiency prism controlled bifocals.


•    Progressing very well
•    Reading a lot
•    Wearing spectacles all of the time


Her mother commented since getting the spectacles

•    Her behaviour has been excellent
•    Headaches are gone completely
•    She is much more organised
•    She never forgets the glasses as before they would have been hidden somewhere

Her teacher commented

“Since she got the glasses she does not complain of headaches and can see the board – and she is happy to wear them all the time.

Teacher Testimonial for one of our Schoolvision patients.

“ I am a class teacher for one of Richard Hughes’s schoolvision patient’s, I definitely think that the spectacles have had a good effect on my students eyesight, before she had used them she used to complain a lot of headaches or being unable to see the information on the board clearly”.

“ Since she has had her glasses she does not complain about these things. Nowadays, she does not come to school without them so I don’t really know what it would be like for her without them, but I feel she would miss them greatly if they were not there as they have been such a huge benefit to her.

Parent Testimonial

“ My daughter is making huge progress since getting her glasses, her behaviour has been excellent, the headaches have gone completely and now she is so much more organised and is reading a lot more, she never seems to forget or misplace her glasses as of before, they would always be hidden or left behind somewhere. Her spectacles have benefited her greatly”.

Parent Testimonial

“ My 10 year old son had various different behavioural problems at home and at school for no unknown reasons, the teacher recommended he have an eye examination, we attended a clinic elsewhere and the optometrist stated that visually he didn’t require corrective spectacles”. “I still felt there was still an ongoing problem with him as he was suffering with severe mood swings and tantrums that would just come out of nowhere, I decided to do a bit of research online and came across an article written in our local newspaper about Richard Hughes Opticians and Schoolvision, we arranged an appointment immediately to see Richard, after the eye exam Richard explained that our son was suffering from severe visual stress and light sensitivity and that he truly believed that this was triggering off his behavioural and learning difficulties, my sons problems were causing so much distress in the household at this stage we would have tried anything, I took everything onboard that Mr. Hughes said, he recommended my son to be dispensed with a pair of prism spectacles along with a precision tint to suit his needs, we were asked to try the spectacles out and return for a 6 week review.

6-Week Review:

“ There has been a huge improvement with my sons attitude and form, he is never seems to be agitated or grumpy anymore, he has mellowed completely. The spectacles took awhile to adjust to but he persevered with them, he is coping a lot better with general day to day tasks that would have normally caused major issues or upset, his teacher also commented that there is a huge improvement in his reading and writing skills and that he is mixing better with his peers, the results have been life changing for our son as well as the family as his behaviour problems were putting a huge strain on family life”, I can honestly say this whole experience has been life changing for our son and has had a huge impact on his life and also his family life”.

Patient Testimonial

“ Initially, having suffered from severe headaches while reading I made the decision to have my vision examined by Richard Hughes. During the eye examination Richard tested my reading speed by getting me to read a series of random letter at high and low contrast, after this exam I was informed that my reading speed was relatively slower than the average of my peers. Richard also examined my eyes sensitivity to light as well a various other tests. It was concluded that my eyes were considerably sensitive to light and that I suffered from some type of muscle imbalance, I was prescribed bi-focal optical glasses with a light grey tint as well as a corrective measure to help with the muscle imbalance. I wore these glasses every day during the next ten months or so a continued to visit Mr. Hughes frequently in the coming months. During these visits my prescription continued to decrease and my reading speed increased. My headaches were gradually disappearing which is something I was very grateful for. It is now two years since I first got my eyes examined and my prescription has been reduced to the point where I now only have to wear reading glasses, my reading speed has continued to increase to the point where my reading speed is higher than those my age. All in all I have had a very beneficial experience with my optical glasses”.

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